Patrick Vergult

„Good is not enough“.

Go to work on Monday in a good mood and full of positive expectations, relax with colleagues, write success stories and get the feeling that you help making a difference – this should be more than just a dream.

YOU are the company

Patrick Vergult guides you through ten key questions on a voyage of discovery to your ‘why’. Find out the true reason for which you work. Thanks to immediately applicable practical tips, you can experience more work satisfaction starting today.

Among other things you’ll discover:

  • What three fundamental values are important to your success.
  • Which three secrets help you to reap lasting success
  • Which two skills will open all doors to you
  • How you can motivate yourself (and others)
  • And much more!

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Patrick Vergult is fascinated by themes such as inner satisfaction and how people can use their skills and improve them, for the benefit of society. For example, based on his own experiences, both as an entrepreneur and employee, he has built up extensive knowledge and, in his own life, experienced what it means to take responsibility and be in charge of his life. You can find the book here, click!

About Patrick Vergult

Patrick Vergult lives with his wife and daughter near Zurich in Switzerland where he works as a Managing Director at Actemium Switzerland. (

He also manages his own small accountancy firm, which operates autonomously and whose employees telework independently. ( /

He lived his passion for athletics to the fullest for many years as a successful athlete at national level in Belgium. From 2011 to 2019, he led a local athletics association in Baden, Switzerland, as its chairman, together with the club managers. The athletics association guides young people in their athletic development. (

The following motto has always guided and motivated him: „Good is not enough!“